May, June, and July are the ideal time to observe a sole confluence of summer with the imminent dash of monsoon, making an ostentatious opportunity for wildlife seekers worldwide. What Corbett National Park has to offer needs not many introductions. Natural magic is class apart and visiting over here brings a new light to your life in terms of great wildlife sightings. 


The Tiger in summer – A Star of the Jim Corbett Park

Adolescent tigers frequently occupy themselves in water whereas adults will lie around in torrents or lakes to kill the heat to stay cool. Tigers tend not to limit themselves to permanent groups as lions do. They are free in their natural habitat so you have the full privilege of sighting the tigers in their way.


The Delights of the Safari Guarantee Tiger Spotting In Summer

Be in the Corbett best zones for spotting tigers and when it comes to summers, tigers love to sleep during those days of summer. This is the reason why it is easier for tourists to locate and track. You can spot them doing different activities and can be possible that you are spotting them resting all through in shallow water holes. Forest remains dry in summer so visibility of the forest is best and seeing a tiger from the distance won’t be tough for you. Prefer to have a morning safari in summer and truly say you will love the journey of adventure and sometimes lively, sometimes perky but they make sure that you are having fun all the time being in safari ride. 


Hanging out around nature can also be exciting since wildlife in real has all that you look for. The days of wildlife filled with mesmerizing creatures is all that you have asked for your perfect vacay.